About Us

The Gold Standard in Solar Energy

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At CJN Solar, we are committed to offering tailored, sustainable energy solutions for Gold Coast and South East Queensland homeowners.

Our inception was driven by a desire to challenge the conventional sales-focused approach prevalent within the solar industry, which often prioritises selling the largest possible installations without considering the homeowner’s unique needs and future scenarios.

Specialising in bespoke solar and battery systems, CJN Solar ensures that every solution we provide is designed to be efficient, adaptable, and resilient.

Each system is tailored to reflect the uniqueness of our clients’ residences and lifestyles, underscoring our dedication to fulfilling their specific sustainable energy requirements over mere sales pursuits. This personalised approach defines our unique position within the solar industry.

Our Founder’s Journey

Established by Craig Cannon, CJN Solar is a Gold Coast-based, family-owned business passionate about renewable energy and committed to delivering customised service.

Craig’s extensive 12-year journey through the solar sector is the cornerstone of CJN Solar’s expertise. Starting with hands-on solar panel installations on the Gold Coast and evolving to manage a dynamic team, Craig’s diverse experience spans all industry facets.

This breadth of knowledge ensures that CJN Solar stands on a foundation of deep industry understanding and a commitment to excellence.

Gold Coast Solar Company

Vision & Mission


Pioneering Sustainable Solar Solutions

Our vision is to lead the transition towards a sustainable future by offering personalised, innovative solar solutions that cater to each customer’s unique needs.

Designing Personalised Solar Excellence

We are dedicated to designing and implementing bespoke solar and battery systems that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. By focusing on personalised service and sustainability, we aim to make renewable energy accessible and beneficial for all.


Our Core Values



Our commitment goes beyond just providing solar solutions. We aim to make sustainable living practical and cost-effective for every homeowner in South East Queensland.



We stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the newest, proven technology. This commitment to innovation means you get sustainable solutions that are truly cutting-edge.



Your needs drive us. In everything we do, from system design to after-sales service, we ensure that our solutions meet your specific requirements and expectations.



We understand the importance of dependability. Our team is dedicated to delivering consistent, top-notch renewable solutions that you can count on, day in and day out.



The safety of our employees and clients is paramount. We adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring that all our operations are conducted with utmost care.

The CJN Solar Difference

The genesis of CJN Solar was inspired by a vision to challenge the conventional approach within the solar industry. Distancing ourselves from the aggressive sales tactics that push oversized systems, we focus on crafting solar solutions that precisely meet each homeowner’s needs. This philosophy ensures that every system we design is a perfect fit for our clients, both practically and financially.

This commitment to quality and personalisation sets us apart, making CJN Solar a preferred choice for Gold Coast homeowners and businesses alike.

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